Design and aerodynamics


Since the 1980s, thanks to its streamlined aerodynamic form a Kip caravan has stood out from the crowd, creating an instantly recognizable presence on the road. In addition to the reduced air resistance (which is very welcome in these times of high fuel costs), the airflow over the caravan pushes the caravan down firmly onto the road. In combination with the AL-KO Euro Delta chassis, the Kip design delivers unbelievable stability and manoeuvrability.

Ultimate drivability


The special AL-KO Delta-axle construction stabilizes the caravan in corners and on winding roads. In a corner, the outside wheel opposes the centrifugal force and supports the vehicle with an inward-acting force.

The chassis determines the caravan’s riding comfort and safety. Thanks to innovative solutions, caravans on AL-KO chassis have outstanding handling, allowing you to reach your holiday destination relaxed and safe. And in addition, the low weight of the lightweight chassis system allows a higher effective load to be carried.

The technology was specially designed and developed for caravans by the Technical University of Twente in the Netherlands, AL-KO GmbH in Germany, and Kip Caravan BV.

Caravan width

Kip caravans come in different widths: the small Kompakt measures 187 cm, the Vision 210 cm, the Isa White is 219 cm, and the Grey Line is 229 cm. For both the Kompakt and the Vision there is no requirement to mount towing mirrors as their compactness means you always have a clear view along the caravan, making manoeuvring easy. However, for extra safety and security, we recommend you to mount towing mirrors. In addition, the slenderness adds to the caravan’s aerodynamic form to further decrease wind resistance.


Maximum sleep comfort


Resting during your holiday: the greatest amount of the time you spend in your caravan is spent sitting or lying down. Kip aims for the highest comfort levels for sitting and sleeping, which means you can start your next day totally fresh.

In each Kip caravan, the Kip interior designers endeavour to fit the longest bed possible, and to use slatted-bases and comfortable mattresses. In our TCB and EKV models the slatted bases are standard fitment, and this also applies to the TDB and single-bed variations. Refer to the caravan specifications to see all the possibilities.

Maximum space for storage


Kip Caravan aims to provide the maximum available space for storage in the caravan without affecting its homeliness or liveability. We design clever storage solutions like a kitchen pan drawer under the bed, a shoe storage compartment under the bench, and a clothes cupboard with both a clothes rail and shelves. The recently introduced extended and raised bed in our TDB models means that there is now even more storage space available. And here’s a small but notable storage detail: a waste bin on the inside of the caravan door.

Sit and sleep comfortably

lattenbodemAt Kip, all beds and benches have, as standard, cushions made with the highest quality ‘cold-foam’. But what is ‘cold-foam’? During the manufacturing process, the foam is exposed to a cold temperature which breaks opens the internal cells. This creates a very open cell structure in the foam, allowing maximum air circulation and ventilation. Both in the cold and in the warm, this ensures you’ll have a comfortable and pleasant sleep. Cold foam is also known for its high elasticity, which makes it ideal for use on adjustable slatted beds.

HPL and veneer

The furniture panels in our caravans are made from HPL. This is High Pressure Laminate, which is sometimes called laminate or plastic laminate. HPL is a combination of paper pulp and phenolic resin with a top layer of melamine resin, the hardest synthetically-made organic material.

This gives HPL its extreme scratch and wear resistance. Kip Caravan uses the highest quality HPL, making the woodwork in our caravans scratch-proof in normal use. Even after years of use, your caravan will look as new, which of course keeps the trade-in value high!

Maximum insulation in walls and floors

High quality Styrofoam is used in the walls and floors for Kip caravans. Some typical advantages of Styrofoam are:

  • Styrofoam is stiffer and harder than regular expanded polystyrene
  • The fully-closed cell structure of Styrofoam ensures that no moisture is absorbed in walls or floors where it is used
  • Styrofoam also gives better insulation than expanded polystyrene, which allows a significantly longer camping season for a Kip caravan
  • The whole stiffness of the caravan is increased by using styrofoam

Roof construction

All Kip tour caravans have a three layer construction known as a floating roof. The inner layer is a sandwich panel with a polystyrene filling, and above that is a layer of polystyrene. The top outer layer is made from 2 mm thick polyester. As well as giving protection against hail damage, this technically-advanced roof construction offers noise reduction of 30% during rain. Comfort and technical innovation come together in the Kip floating roof.