Kip Greyline, uncompromising enjoyment

The new Greyline represents everything a holiday is supposed to be: uncompromising enjoyment. And that just about says it all. Still, to add some details: the driving qualities are a joy to experience, the interior is as stylish as it is functional and the built-in Smart Energy System gives the caravan all the latest mod-cons. Take a journey through the aspects of the new Greyline set out below and discover it for yourself.

Kip Greyline Tourcaravan Highlights


The defining grey lines, complemented by a combination of grey and white tints, culminate in a timeless design that does credit to the name Greyline.

The new Greyline comes as standard with stucco cladding. Smooth cladding with the unique Greyline print is available as an option. The front and side skirts complete the finishing that gives your caravan its great looks.

Greyline Exterieurmogelijkheden

Greyline weersbestendigheid

Whatever the weather. Both the front and back wall and the drawbar compartment are made of polyester. The material has been carefully selected for its resistance and durability. These qualities make the Greyline more than a match for the most demanding weather conditions and ensure that the caravan maintains its value for many years.

Another unique property of the Greyline is the ‘suspended’ roof, which means that you barely notice the sound of rain or hail when inside the caravan.

Greyline zonsondergang



The new Greyline features an abundance of everything you need to cook any meal you want. With the large worktop, a three-hob gas cooker and the ample and varied storage space you will want for nothing. At meal times there is comfortable seating for four, with plenty of space left for adornments.

Greyline keuken

Greyline zitgedeelte

Seating area

Put your feet up. The layout of the couch, the tasteful upholstery and the colourful cushions combine to create a snug and cosy place to relax. Plenty of storage space is provided with various handle-free cupboards. Conveniently located wall sockets ensure that you can always use your tablet or e-reader without interruption. There are also LED spotlights that can be adjusted to any angle so that you can carry on reading well into the small hours.


The bathroom has been designed with such an eye for detail that not a centimetre goes unused. Smoothly-finished curves catch the eye straight way, with everything centring on the bowl-shaped basin. There’s plenty of space for toiletries, with everything put neatly away in cabinets and drawers.

Greyline sanitaire ruimte

Greyline slaapgedeelte

Sleeping section

There are various cupboards and drawers for clothing. The wardrobe provides an ideal solution for hanging up coats, shirts and blouses. And when it’s time to go to bed the luxury mattresses give the best possible guarantee of a good night’s sleep. Top quality materials provide optimum support while you sleep.


Customisation and then some. The “free” space makes it possible to lay out the sleeping section of the caravan in such a way that it entirely meets your wishes and requirements. You can choose between a double bed or two singles. You also have the option of a dinette or a rounded seat. The dinette can be converted into a large double bed and the rounded seat into a pull-out bed.

Indeling vrije ruimte

Smart Energy System (SES)

Overview and control. As the central point of your Greyline the SES sees to it that essential information is simplified. Information about power consumption, the temperature and the battery charge is provided as standard. As an optional extra you can connect a solar panel to the system, view the water tank level and operate the caravan lighting.

Driving qualities

The pleasant road-holding and superior agility make taking a trip with the Greyline a true joy. The improved tracking, the extended drawbar and the implemented shock absorbers keep the caravan in perfect balance.

The AL-KO Delta axle provides support in bends and in weaving movements so that the Greyline remains perfectly stabilised. In combination with the AL-KO AKS 3004 stabiliser coupling a simple journey is transformed into a carefree, undisturbed voyage of discovery.

Technical Specifications

Greyline technical specifications


Weight on delivery 1220 kg
Load capacity 280 kg
Maximum permitted mass 1500 kg
(increased to 1700 kg for additional price of € 299)

Bed sizes

Front After
French bed 200 x 145 215 x 140/125
Single beds 2 x 200 x 85 215 x 140/125
Cross sleeper 215 x 145 215 x 140/125


Chassis and axle completely hot-dip galvanised
AL-KO Euro axle
Shock absorbers
A-brand tyres
Aluminium wheels
Stabiliser AL-KO AKS 3004
Extra-broad jockey wheel
Overrun brake with auto-reverse
Stable supports
Shunting handle on jockey wheel


Insulated wheel housing
Hail-resistant polyester roof
Insulated drawbar compartment (heated) with 2 hatches and gas springs
Drawbar cover with front spoiler
Luggage hatch 74 x 30 front right
Opening windows with ventilation position
Side and front skirts (matt black)
Service hatch toilet
Roof hatch, back, 70 x 50
Roof hatch, toilet, 40 x 40
Stucco cladding
Wheel housing screens
Aluminium handles


Ventilation panels in couch
Bed ventilation panels, upholstered
Table with wall mounting

Traffic lighting

13-pole Jaeger connector / 12 V
Integrated reverse light, rear mist lamp and 3rd brake light
Side marking lights / LED type
LED width lights
Contour lighting


Smart Energy System
Ground fault circuit breaker 30mA / fuse 10 A / 230V
Transformer 20A / 230V
8 sockets (230 V, free usage with child protection)
12 V TV connector (indoor/outdoor)
Outdoor socket 230 V / 12 V / TV connector
Solar panel-ready
Battery compartment with terminals and cable ladder (excl. battery)
Battery guard for refrigerator

Interior lighting

Built-in LED bar above kitchen
Indirect LED lighting (above wall cabinets)
Entrance night lighting 12 V LED
Tent lamp
7 LED spotlights on rail
USB connector on rail 2A

Climate control

Gas/electric Whale boiler (under floor between chassis) + ring mains air heating all around with adjustable blow and extraction grids
Floor heating Ebeco 48 V / 80W/m2


Furniture material
Floor vinyl
Back and seat cushions with comfortable Dacron top coating
Plisse screen door for outside door
Sweep-out doorstep
Duo-roller window blinds front wall
Other windows Duo-plisse

Kitchen equipment

3-hob gas cooker with glass cover plate
Sink with glass cover plate
Cutlery and other drawers on rollers with soft close function
Low refrigerator 106 l (including 15 l freezer compartment)
Removable refrigerator ventilator grids (in outer wall) incl. winter cover
Gas cylinder holders with quick fasteners


Cassette toilet (waste tank with handle and wheels, mechanical level meter)
Wall cabinet
Basin with mixer tab
Storage compartments
Therme electrical boiler, 5 litres
Two 14 l jerry cans with holders in drawbar compartment
Euro Power submersion pump 12V + auto de-aeration (15 l/min)

Wondering how to tailor the Greyline entirely to your personal preferences? Design your own layout in the configurator!