The Kip Vision, first-class camping

As a fully equipped but nevertheless compact caravan, the Vision is quite unique.

Its discrete dimensions make it ideal for average size tow cars, and with its elevating roof lowered, it fits under most carports without much effort.

In spite of its modest exterior dimensions the interior will allow you to enjoy the true camping spirit, based on the priorities of space and comfort.

Driving features

With your Vision the enjoyment will start the moment you leave home, rather than when you reach your destination. The familiar feeling of the excellent road holding for which Kip is so well known is fully evident when you’re towing your Vision. The limited exterior dimensions also create good visibility of your caravan and the traffic around you. These combined aspects contribute to a special sense of control and peace, so that the journey will be at least just as pleasant as the destination.

Cars are becoming increasingly lightweight and energy efficient. The Vision complements to these positive features, as they have been taken into account from the start of the design. Its sloping front and folded elevating roof increase the aerodynamics and reduce the empty weight. This makes it not only more pleasant to drive with the Vision, but it also helps you save fuel.

Vision Aerodynamica

As a fully-fledged caravan of a modest size, the Vision is very easy to manoeuvre. Where larger caravans have to turn round when there are sharp zigzags in the road, you can keep going without any problem with your Vision. Its small turning radius means hardly any bends are too narrow and hardly any route is too tricky. With your Kompakt you can plan your ideal route without any worry, and the Vision will follow you effortlessly.

From the start, the Vision has been designed with average size tow cars in mind. Because of its relatively light weight the Vision feels very comfortable at the back of your car. So much so, that you might almost forget it’s there from time to time. Whether you are driving on the small rural roads of Italy or are exploring the Norwegian fjords, with the Vision you can do it all.


When you look at the Vision’s exterior, you immediately notice Kip’s characteristic design and its familiar robustness. Details such as the windows recessed in the walls and the stylish integrated grab handles make a subtle contribution to this. The Vision comes standard with white sheeting.

Vision Caravan met Hefdak Exterieurmogelijkheden

Vision Weersbestendige Caravan met Hefdak

The front and rear walls are from aluminium, and the elevating roof has been constructed from polyester. It is extremely strong and hail resistant. The elevating roof’s tarpaulin has been produced by De Waard, a company renowned in the camping world for its high-quality products. To insulate the walls, the Vision has been fitted with 23-millimetre styrofoam, which contributes to a high level of insulation and firmness. All these materials have been carefully selected for their resistance and durability, and make the Vision resistant against the most severe weather conditions.


The Vision’s interior reflects the true spirit of camping. When you step inside you immediately experience its space and comfort. Two different layouts are available, and all you have to do is state your preference.

Vision Adventure

Vision Adventure Dagopstelling
Vision Adventure Nachtopstelling

The Vision Adventure has the kitchen on the left when you enter, and the sitting and sleeping area at the front and on the right respectively. The sanitary area is next to the kitchen. The Adventure has the largest kitchen worktop, and the sitting area can be converted into a small bed.

Vision Travel

Vision Travel Dagopstelling
Vision Travel Nachtopstelling

The Vision Travel has the small sitting area on the left when you enter, and the large sitting area is on the right. The kitchen and sanitary area are facing each other and are on opposite sides of the caravan. The seating areas can be converted into three beds in total.

Both the Adventure and the Travel are equipped with a high-quality Victron Energy battery. The converter in the Blue Power IP22 battery has a high efficiency of up to 94 % and produces up to four times less heat in comparison with the industry standard. The Blue Power IP22 has an adaptable load algorithm. This will optimise the charging process, depending on how you use the battery. This means that you can recharge silently, with the reassurance that this will be done as intelligently as possible.

When the elevating roof is opened, this creates a headroom of 203 centimetres, and therefore accommodation where you can stand up. The Vision offers a large amount of storage space in the form of cupboards, drawers and shelves, so you find a space for all your things. Cleverly located sockets ensure that you can plug in electrical equipment within easy reach everywhere. The practical kitchen with a 3-ring gas hob and 70-litre Dometic fridge provides an ideal space for creating your culinary masterpieces. With the comfortable sanitary area, the high wardrobe and the luxury bed, you can get into the camping spirit like never before.

Technical Specifications

Vision technical specifications


Chassis and axle completely hot-dip galvanised
AL-KO Euro axle
Shock absorbers
A-brand tyres
Overrun brake with auto-reverse
Stable supports
Insulated wheel housing
Extra-broad jockey wheel


Hail-resistant polyester elevating roof
Smooth aluminum cladding white
13-pole Jaeger connector / 12 V
Integrated reverse light, rear mist lamp and 3rd brake light
Side marking lights / LED type
Accessible drawbar with lid and one gasspring
Drawbar cover with front spoiler
Luggage hatch 75 x 30
Opening windows with ventilation position


Ventilation panels in couch
Tv cabinet (Vision Adventure)
Table(s) with wall mounting

Kitchen equipment

3-hob gas cooker with glass cover plate
Sink with glass cover plate
Cutlery and other drawers on rollers with soft close function
Refrigerator Dometic 70 l
Removable refrigerator ventilator grids (in outer wall) incl. winter cover


Transformer 20A / 230V
Ground fault circuit breaker 30mA / fuse 10 A / 230V
Built-in LED spotlights
LED bar 35cm kitchen
Indirect LED lighting (above cabinets)
LED bar 35cm toilet
Entrance lighting 12 V / 5W
Tent lamp 1x 10W / 12V
Sockets (230 V, with child protection)
TV connection 12V (inside/outside)

Climate control

Gas cylinder holders with quick fasteners