Who we are

Suddenly there is a moose in front of you. That is an adventure itself and it makes camping with a Kip just that little bit different. More adventurous and with the feeling that you are more outside. Outdoor living and cooking. Within the compact format that becomes a functional space thanks to the pop-up roof. In addition, the quality and design of the materials used bring the outdoor experience inside. This is how you continue to surprise and amaze yourself. Knowing that you can just move on, to the next place, to the next adventure.

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The real way of camping

At Kip, we believe in a pure camping experience, where indoors and outdoors come together. The feeling of adventurous camping, but for everyone to decide what that adventure is. Kip designs and builds with the motto less is more. In other words, we want to make beautiful end products with fine, sustainable materials. We believe that camping suits everyone and we like to enjoy that with our customers.

Kip caravans. Kip going.

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Het Klokhuis bij Kip Caravans

Dutch original

Kip Caravans is the only caravan factory in the Netherlands. All our caravans are entirely made in the Netherlands. The factory, Kip Store and Kip Museum are located in Hoogeveen, Drenthe. Kip also cooperates with many top Dutch companies, such as De Waard for all awnings, and Victron Energy for the energy systems.

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Because camping is done in nature, sustainability is very important to us. This goes beyond the footprints we leave behind while camping, but also means that we have to think consciously about the manufacture of our caravans. From the materials we choose to the production processes we use. Our view of sustainability also extends beyond materials and processes.

We believe that if we deliver a lightweight, aerodynamic caravan that is well built, it will last for years. This means less fuel consumption and long enjoyment of the caravan. We are also constantly improving the design of our caravans so that Kip caravans can do more with less. So buying less stuff through smart design choices, or even using less power on site through smart energy systems.

The aerodynamic advantages combined with our insulation and solar panels have even allowed us to get an energy label A certificate on our caravans. That is a consequence of the sustainable idea. It's also why hybrid and electric cars can go on adventures with Kip caravans.

Kip historie sinds 1934

Since 1934

Jan Kip started a bodywork company in Hoogeveen in 1934. In 1947, he built his first caravan for his own use. Due to considerable private interest, twenty units were produced the following year. A number were rented out and the rest were sold. In 1949, the first standard Kip caravans left production.

In 1954 a new and unique model appeared: the "Kuiken", a small caravan with a striking tailgate. The success of the Kip Kuiken was followed by the names Kip Leghorn and Kip Wyandotte. A new, even smaller type of caravan was named "Krielkip". The model stood out in particular due to its lifting roof, which was closed with orange-coloured canvas. The basis of this design was used again years later in the development of the still successful Kip Kompakt.

The production of caravans continued to increase steadily, reaching a remarkable 10,000 caravans in 1971. After a number of takeovers of foreign companies, a new course was set in 1981 and Kip once again set out on its own. From then on, Kip focused on "the top of the market". Quality caravans, distinguished by their design, technology and high-quality materials.