Shelter Outback

Self-sufficient and off-grid camping

Full of adventure!

The Shelter Outback stands for self-sufficient (off-grid) camping with a cool look. This unique Outback edition breathes adventure in everything and comes standard full of options for off-grid camping. Ready for adventure!

  • raised and weighted chassis
  • 2 adults
  • from a weight of 660 kg
  • load capacity up to 1000 kg
  • 460 cm x 194 cm x 222 cm (LxWxH)

Outback highlights

With the Outback, everything is different from the start. This is because the Outback has a fully raised and weighted chassis. Besides an extra robust undercarriage, you also stand extra stable with bigfoot stability feets. The sidebars and roof rails protect the Outback and give it an adventurous and tough look.

Darkened windows

darkened flat windows all around give a cool and chic look. You also have more privacy and extra protection from the sun UV.

Unique chassis

it gives you more ground clearance, ride comfort and a cooler look

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Experience the ultimate adventure with off-grid camping

Looking for freedom and adventure? Go off-grid!

For many people, the word 'adventure' is enough to make their heart beat faster. If you are adventurous and looking for ultimate freedom, off-grid camping is something for you. This form of camping is self-sufficient and often takes place far from civilisation. Choose a camping spot in the middle of nature and completely disconnect from your daily routine.

Shelter Outback: off-grid with comfort

Do you want to combine adventure with comfort? Then meet the Shelter Outback. This model is specially designed for (off-grid) campers who like the freedom to go wherever they want. The Shelter Outback has a robust look and a smart layout that breathes adventure into everything. Moreover, this model comes standard full of options for off-grid camping.

Shelter Outback outdoor caravan

Shelter Outback

Gaan en staan waar je maar wilt

Als off-grid kampeerder kom je met de Shelter Outback op de meest unieke plekken. De stoere ‘offroad-uitstraling’ gaat namelijk verder dan de in het oog springende wielen, sidebars en buishandgrepen. De Outback heeft namelijk een volledig verhoogd en verzwaard onderstel met bigfoot uitdraaisteunen en alle ramen zijn geblindeerd.

Comfortabel back to basic

Kamperen in comfort was nog nooit zo eenvoudig als met de Shelter Outback. De caravan is uitgerust met een zuinige en krachtige compressorkoelkast, een vernieuwd donker raamsysteem voor extra privacy en bij alle ramen een premium hor en verduistering. De stroomvoorziening regel je helemaal zelf; zo check je de opbrengst van de zonnepanelen op het dak, het verbruik van je elektronica én de status van je lithium accu eenvoudig op je telefoon. Dit is slechts een greep uit de vele functies van de Shelter Outback.

Shelter indeling

Tough on the outside, spacious on the inside

Waking up in nature

Nowhere sleeps better than in the middle of nature. After a wonderful night's sleep in the spacious bed of the Outback, you are ready for a new day full of adventure.

Space and design

There is plenty of room for all your clothes and outdoor gear in the practical layout. And with the pop-up roof, you have plenty of freedom of movement and standing height. Plus, the design brings the outdoors inside with a unique wood design interior with herringbone floor.

In addition to all the practical things, the Outback interior naturally has the indoor/outdoor kitchen, floor heating and space for a mobile toilet in the low cabinet. Enjoy extensive comfort while retaining the pure camping feeling.

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Standard equipment Shelter Outback


  • Delivery weight: Outback 660 kg
  • Payload: Outback 340 kg
  • Maximum permitted mass 1000 kg.


  • Raised chassis
  • Sidebars
  • Weighted chassis, up to 1000 kg
  • Darkened windows all round for privacy and looks
  • Blinded opening side windows
  • Bigfoot stability feets
  • Roof railing
  • Rear pipe handles
  • Black tent rails an…


  • Delivery weight: Outback 660 kg
  • Payload: Outback 340 kg
  • Maximum permitted mass 1000 kg.


  • Raised chassis
  • Sidebars
  • Weighted chassis, up to 1000 kg
  • Darkened windows all round for privacy and looks
  • Blinded opening side windows
  • Bigfoot stability feets
  • Roof railing
  • Rear pipe handles
  • Black tent rails and drawbar cover


  • Indoor/outdoor kitchen
  • Compressor fridge 65L
  • Roof lift with 1.98 m headroom
  • Floor heating
  • Opening side windows
  • Premium insect screen and blackout blind
  • Wood design interior
  • Gas and water pipes
  • Cabinets divider and additional kitchen drawer
  • 230V and 12V electrical circuit
  • Folding bench

Energy (management)

  • Solar panels 2x50W
  • 20Ah lithium battery
  • Smartshunt battery monitor

Everything you need for off-grid camping

  • Zonnepaneel op caravan

    Your own energy system

    A great way to camp completely self-sufficiently is with solar panels and a battery. With the Outback, you get solar panels installed on the lift roof as standard. The solar panels feed the battery that allows you to use the 12V circuit in the caravan. This allows you to use the lights, water supply and compressor fridge without 'external power'. For how long? This obviously depends on the battery and weather conditions.

    Of course, it is also possible to make one or more 230V sockets available that work through the battery. We do this by installing an 'inverter', discuss this option with your Kip advisor.

  • Verzwaard caravan onderstel

    Bigfoot stability feets

    Once on site, the large Bigfoot feets ensure stability everywhere, whether on soft sand in dunes or swampy ground. The large surface (200 x 180 mm) and transverse ribs prevent the Bigfoot feets from sinking or slipping, ensuring that the caravan remains safely and stably in place. Besides convenience and comfort, the Bigfoot feets also give the caravan an extra solid look.

  • Bigfoot uitdraaisteun caravan

    Sidebars and tube handles

    First of all, the sidebars are robust and therefore shockproof. The sidebars have a substantial tube diameter and wall thickness, this makes the sidebars strong, resilient yet lightweight. The sidebars prevent objects from the road from hitting the caravan. The sidebars thus perfectly protect against minor damage. Moreover, the sidebars also look extra stylish. To complete the robust design, the Outback also has large bar handles at the rear and roof rails matching the sidebars that extend from the roof to the front.

  • Shelter Outback

    Raised and weighted chassis

    With the Outback, everything is different from the ground up. This is because the Outback has a fully raised and weighted chassis. The entire chassis of the caravan has been specially developed for heavier use. In addition, the chassis is raised, giving you more ground clearance. Ideal for driving off the beaten track. That pothole in the road is no longer an obstacle. This takes the Outback to the most unique places. The chassis is made of galvanised steel yet super lightweight. Because the chassis is weighted, it is loadable up to 1000kg which means you have 340kg of luggage space (weight minus any extra options chosen).

  • Donkere ramen caravan

    Privacy windows all around

    The Shelter Outback has darkened windows all around. This gives the Outback a cool and chic look. Moreover, the darkening windows limit the view from outside and thus increase privacy. UV radiation is also reduced by the dark windows, which also reduces any summer heat inside.

  • Shelter Outback hor systeem

    Premium screen and blackout

    With the Outback, you have the latest screen and blackout system for the windows all around. You choose exactly the desired amount of screen and blackout by fixing the system at any position. The blackout itself is also optimised, allowing you to create a total blackout if desired. The system is also shock-resistant and remains securely in the desired position even after being touched and bumped.

  • Caravan compressor koelkast

    Compressor fridge

    The main advantage of the compressor fridge (over absorption, which is standard in the Shelter Plus) is that the outside temperature has less influence on the cooling performance. Even in hot summer temperatures, your drinks and food stay well cooled with a compressor fridge. In addition, the compressor fridge also runs on the caravan battery thanks to its 12 V system. At 65 litres, the compressor fridge has more capacity and is more compact in size, so the Shelter Outback has an additional drawer above the compressor fridge.

  • Shelter Outback interieur


    The Shelter Outback features the latest Shelter interior, which can also be found in the Shelter Plus. Besides all the extras, you also have the standard 2-meter bed, the indoor/outdoor kitchen, plenty of headroom, floor heating, space for a portable toilet and the wood design interior with herringbone floor. Enjoy extensive comfort while retaining the pure camping feeling.


  • Shelter Outback met Luifel DeWaard

    Vario awning

    This solid awning from De Waard matches the Shelter Outback perfectly. Like the lifting roof canvas, it is made of high-quality cotton. With the detachable windbreaks, you can conveniently choose between a well-shielded shelter or a lovely, open and airy span. This awning is easy to attach and quickly tightened. This way, outdoor life always goes on! Partly because of its quick set-up time, the Vario awning is ideal for the Kip camper passing through.