Two-year guarantee

We are confident of our workmanship and give a two-year guarantee on our products.

Safety and durability

All Kip caravans will be assembled in the factory at Hoogeveen (in the north of the Netherlands). Hereby we control the entire process. We use decent quality parts and products.

All season caravan

From the coldest winter to the hottest summer, you can be assured of a comfortable journey in your Kip caravan. Our special sound-reducing roof reduces rain noise by 30%, giving you a restful stay in your caravan.

Sleeping and comfort

80% of the time you spend in your caravan is for sleeping or sitting, and we want you to do that on the best seat cushions, mattresses and beds. The beds are designed for the tall Dutch. Where the layout of the caravan allows, we fit beds of 2.05 metres or even 2.10 metres in length, and the height of the beds in the new models has been raised by 5 cm for easier access.

Stability and drivability

Driving with a Kip caravan must be easy and pleasurable. Today’s cars are smaller and more efficient, and fuel prices are high. The streamlined shape of a Kip caravan is the ideal combination of design and functionality. This shape pushes the Kip caravan down onto the road, giving it better handling behind your car. The advanced aerodynamics gives your car lower fuel consumption than when towing a conventional caravan. The chassis, developed in cooperation with the Technical University of Twente and AL‑KO, provides great drivability – the caravan follows exactly where you drive. Kip caravans come in various widths; and because of the Kompakt’s and Vision’s slim profiles, you don’t have to use towing mirrors for those models. Both these models have a pop-top so, when driving, they are lower and give less wind resistance. Travel comfortably while saving money.

Quality and innovation

A caravan from Kip is designed and built with the greatest care. A lot of effort goes into the choice of the best materials: cabinet doors with the toughest veneer to protect against scratches, Styrofoam-filled walls to provide the best stiffness and isolation, strong polyester roofs that are resistant to hail damage so keeping your insurance costs down. And a Kip caravan is not only a pleasure to use and cheap to maintain for you, but the next owner will get an as-new looking caravan too, with a high residual value.

6 year guarantee against damp ingress

This is how confident we are about our product and our dealers. When you take your Kip caravan to a dealer for a yearly check for damp ingress, we will guarantee against it for a minimum of 6 years.

More than 70% of our caravans are still on the road

We’ve been making caravans since 1934. More than 70% of the caravans that have left our factory are still on the road. When you buy a Kip you are buying life-long camping pleasure.

High trade-in and resale values

Through the use of high-quality products and materials, and our in-depth knowledge of the various assembly techniques, our caravans keep their new-look. You’ll notice that in the high exchange value or resale price should you want to trade it in for another model.

80 years of experience

Kip Caravan B.V. is the only caravan manufacturer in the Netherlands, and we are proud of our 80 years of caravan experience. With a view to the future, and a satisfied nod to our past, we will continue to design and build great new caravans for all our customers.