Shelter caravan motor package

Motorbike camping has never been so accessible. This is the true solution - take your car on a motorbike holiday and your motorbike on a car holiday. With the Shelter Motor caravan you have both!

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Kip Shelter the motor caravan

The Shelter is a true lightweight with limited dimensions. Made for you as a camper who likes to go outside and visit multiple destinations during your trip. The Shelter motor caravan combines practical living space and enough space to transport a motorbike.

The solution for bikers who like to camp. With the Shelter with motorbike package, you can go wherever you want without limitations. A motorbike trailer and caravan in one. The right-hand bench can be easily folded up to create a spacious loading area. You roll the motorbike in using the ramp at the back of the caravan. At your destination, you simply pull the bike out, ready to tour in new surroundings.

Motor in Caravan Honda

Motor in the caravan

With the caravan motor pack, you can optimally secure your motorbike during transport in the caravan. You fix your front wheel in the adjustable wheel-lock clamp. Then you tighten the lashing straps around the fastening eyes in the caravan floor and pull the chassis into the suspension of the motorbike.

Motor package contents

  • Heavy-duty floor in the Shelter
  • Increase of maximum allowed weight from 750kg to 900kg
  • Folding ramp
  • Wheel-lock front wheel.
  • Fastening eyes in the floor
Motor caravan Kip Shelter

Motor caravan Shelter with optional extra wide door

Shelter motorpackage

The motor pack is suitable for compact motorbikes from the following engine category: sport, sport tour, naked-bikes, scooters & compact adventure sport bikes.

In addition, please note the following:

  • Real engine weight maximum 210 kg (space left for extra options Shelter and extra luggage)
  • Option extra wide door. Standard door size is 77.5 cm (for handlebars up to 77 cm). Optionally, an extra-wide door of 86.5 cm (for handlebars up to 86 cm) is available.

What is included in the motor package

  1. Wheel-lock

    The release clamp is an important part of the caravan motor package. First of all, it ensures that the engine stays in place before it is strapped down. It also ensures that the motor does not tend to move forwards or backwards during transport. The clamp can be adjusted to the desired wheel size of the various motorbikes. The Entrance Clamp for the front wheel of the motorbike is screwed to the floor. This is done with special nuts, so it is also easy to loosen. This way, you can also use this space when the motorbike is not in it.

  2. Ramp

    The ramp makes it easy to drive the motorbike into the caravan. The ramp folds up so that it takes up little space and even fits into the closed bench of this motor caravan. The deck of the ramp is non-slip to ensure a good grip. The ramp is made of aluminium and therefore light and strong. Hooks at the end ensure that the ramp does not shift when placed beyond the edge of the upright caravan door.

  3. Fastening eyes in the floor

    To secure the bike the motorbike can be strapped to the lashing eyes from the back to the front. The strong eyelets allow a total load of up to 400 kg (100 kg per eyelet) per lashing eyelet.

  4. Optional: extra-wide door

    The extra wide door on the Shelter provides additional space for driving a motorbike inside. The door of the Shelter is positioned at the rear of the caravan and is 77.5 cm wide as standard. An extra wide door of 86.5 cm is available as an option. With the extra wide door option, the cabinet on the right-hand side is also adjusted so that it runs in parallel with the new, wider door frame.

  1. Voorwiel in Caravan motor voorwielklem


  2. Motor caravan oprijplaat

    Motor caravan ramp

  3. Sjorogen gebruik tijdens motorpakket

    Fixing eyes in the floor

  4. Motor caravan met extra brede deur

    Optional: extra-wide door

Motor caravan